HDZero MIPI Cable (40, 80, 120 & 250mm)

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This is the MIPI Cable (only) from the revolutionary HDZero HD system

Here's what HDZero has to say about it:


The HDZero MIPI Cable 80is a digital HD video connector between HDZero series VTX and a MIPI camera. This 80mm MIPI cable is for use in FPV wings and middle drones.

These HDZero MIPI Camera Cables are digital HD video cables that connect HDZero series VTX with a MIPI camera. These cables are universal and are compatible with all HDZero, Shark Byte, and Divimath products.

Available in 40mm, 80mm, 120mm, and 250mm. 


HDZero MIPI Camera Cable (Choose Length) x 1