HDZero Runcam Nano Lite Camera (No mipi cable)

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This is the camera (only) from the revolutionary HDZero Whoop Lite combo. This individual product allows you to replace a damaged camera without buying the HDZero whoop 1s vtx and mipi cables too! 

Here's what HDZero has to say about it:

Runcam Nano Lite HDZero camera is a high definition 1280x720p 60fps camera designed for the HDZero VTX. It supports camera menu for brightness, contrast and other camera settings. It has excellent low light performance.


Manufacturer:      RunCam
Model:     Nano Lite HDZero
Sensor Size:     1/2 inch
Resolution:     720p60
Sensitivity:      10650mV/Lux-sec
Shutter:     Rolling Shutter
FOV:     D:130° H:108° V:84° (4:3)
D:122° H:108° V:65° (16:9 cut)
Input Power:     3.3V
Power Consumption:     0.5W
Weight:     1.5 g
Dimensions:     14x16x11mm


Includes: one Nano Lite HDZero camera


MIPI cable Not included - Click here if ya need one!