Tiny Whoop LED Whiskers - 6 LED Harness

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This is a harness of six of our smallest 603 LEDs on long, crazy-thin magnet wire. This harness is for creating the most eye catching whoop build imaginable. These LEDs are attached to 160mm of magnet wire and are intended to dangle off your quad in all directions. When you fly around the LEDs will dance and spin around instantly making your drone the most interesting one in the room.

When I first saw Nightwing fly one of these LED harness around Tiny Whoop HQ I was surprised how strong of a presence it had, while still having all the agility of a Tiny Whoop. I think they're amazing!

You might not want the full 160mm of wire length. If that's the case, just wrap some up at the base, the weight of the wire is almost nothing. 

Total weight of this LED harness including 2cm of mounting wire is 0.3846g