Mobula6 2024

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The first Mobula6 really changed the whole Tiny Whoop industry and they have just done it again! Happymodel has just released the lightest BNF that is sold from a major supplier. This drone weighs just under 18g and is highly competitive right out of the box. They took their first version of the Mobula6 and redesigned everything from frame, canopy, camera, flight controller, and motors. This drone helps set the standard weight for all analog whoops to be right around 18g. This drone uses Happymodel's SE0702 28,000kv motors spinning the Gemfan Triblade 31mm 1mm shaft 2023 version.


The new camera used in this drone is very similar to the Pinch but it has a 1/3 CMOS sensor, a 150° FOV, and 800TVL.

Flight Controller

This is the new AIO flight controller from Happymodel with a built in OpenVTX (0-400mW). This FC uses 5A ESC's with Bluejay already flashed on to them. This FC has a UART ELRS 3.0 receiver.

Frame and Canopy

This is FPV_Skittles favorite new frame. This frame is flexible but still stiff enough to prevent crazy oscillations. Because of its flexible quality it can take a lot more impacts with out breaking than other frames on the market.


SE0702 28,000kv Happymodel Onsies.


This drone uses the A30 connector which is compatible with the BT2.0 batteries.


In the box you will get:

  • Mobula6 2024 (analog) *1
  • Extra Canopy *1
  • Propeller pry bar *1
  • Philips Head Screwdriver *1
  • Extra props (One set 2L 2R)
  • Motor screws *5
  • Button Head Wide Flange screws *2
  • Black self threading screw *1