Plum Sauce Motors - 6x15mm 21800kv

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Introducing a new level of speed for the ultralight 6x15mm motors. 

While these motors are slightly less effecient than other 0615 motors, they're extremely powerful. It definitely takes some getting used to - the very high top speed means less throttle resolution when you're in a hover or moving slowley thru tree branches or people, so you might want to consider a throttle curve or just use these motors for acro or high-speed Whooping. 

These motors do NOT work well with the Inductrix FPV flight controller, which is standard in the Tiny Whoop Racer. They're just too fast, and cause strange oscillations. 

To get the most out of these motors I recommend you break them in by hovering for 10 minutes of flight time. Then go nuts.

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