Reinforced Nylon Lightweight Replacement Screw Set (RENY)

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For the gram-pinchers in the brushless world, check out these excellent replacement screws that will save your build around a half a gram!

They may seem expensive for teeny tiny screws, but this material is the result of years of testing in the medical industry and is the lightest, strongest solution to metal screws holding your brushless motors. Believe it or not, this material is much cheaper than most performance plastics.

These screws are made of 50% glass reinforced nylon (as opposed to the usual 30% glass), making them much stronger than all other fiber-reinforced polymers.  I'm not a plastics expert, but I'm told this is the strongest plastic available on the planet. 

This particular blend of reinforced nylon will not absorb moisture like most nylon screws, making hold its dimensions in a much wider range of humidity levels and temperatures. That means if you install your motors in a moist climate then come to dry Colorado to fly with me your screws will hold their shape and strength! These screws will not melt until they reach 221°F. 

After weeks of testing, we here at Tiny Whoop have found that they can indeed be broken after repeated hard crashes, tho seldom, which is why you will get an extra 3 or more screws. You also have to be a little careful installing them, if you twist them in too hard it's possible to snap off the top of the screw, but so far whenever that has happened to me the screw still holds the motor tight.  

These kits come with 13 M1.4x4mm reinforced nylon screws, which will fit most 65mm and 75mm brushless builds, and all of the brushless frames found on

If you are wanting to use this screw to mount your canopy to your frame make sure that you first thread in a metal screw. This will cut threads into the frame mounting posts and allow you to screw in the RENY screw easier. Be careful about it still, and don't torque it too hard or you can break off the head of the screw.

 RENY is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corporation.

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