The Crown FPV 65mm Whoop Frame

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This is the new "Crown Frame" from WeBleedfpv and Fractal Engineering. This is what WeBleed has to say about their new frame:

Introducing "The Crown" FPV 65mm Whoop Frame – A Collaboration by weBLEEDfpv and Fractal Engineering.

👑 Elevate Your FPV Experience with The Crown 👑

Are you ready to take your FPV Tiny Whoop adventures to the next level? Look no further, as we proudly present "The Crown" – a groundbreaking collaboration between two renowned community leaders, ZOETEK from weBLEEDfpv and Yves from Fractal. These FPV enthusiasts are thrilled to bring you something fresh and innovative, designed to revolutionize the FPV Tiny Whoop community.

🚀 Key Features 🚀

  1. **Minimal Prop Obstruction**: The Crown sets a new standard in the FPV world with its ingenious design, offering the lowest prop obstruction frame in the game. Experience unobstructed thrust from your powertrain like never before. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to maximum power and agility.
  1. **Motor Protection with Minimal Weight**: We understand the importance of keeping your precious motors safe. The Crown provides extra height to shield your motors without adding unnecessary weight. This perfect balance ensures your Whoop remains agile while offering superior protection.
  1. **Enhanced Turtle Mode**: Tired of frustrating crashes? The Crown's unique design makes turtle mode a breeze. It bites into the floor, preventing your Whoop from sliding across it. Say goodbye to those hair-pulling moments and hello to seamless recoveries.

🌈 Choose Your Crown 🌈

The Crown is available in a range of vibrant colors, allowing you to personalize your Whoop to your heart's content. Whether you prefer the sleek look of clear, the fiery energy of red, or the regal touch of purple, there's a Crown frame that suits your style.

Join us in the FPV revolution – experience unparalleled performance, protection, and style with "The Crown" FPV 65mm Whoop Frame. Elevate your FPV game today and fly like royalty!

Get your Crown now and rule the skies. Order yours today!

Weights - by color
CLEAR - 2.96-2.98g
weBLEED RED - 2.98-3g
Fractal Purple - 2.98-3g
Teal - 2.98-3g
Blue - 2.98-3g
UV Green - 2.98-3g
UV Orange - 2.98-3g
UV Yellow - 2.98-3g
Pink - 2.98-3g
Black - 2.98-3g
White - 2.98-3g

The Yellow, Orange, and Green frame are UV reactive!