Original Tiny Whoop Hair Net

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This one goes out to all the long-haired significant others who are tolerating their love's addiction to Tiny Whoop! Just put one of these babies on your long-haired partner's head and BOOM, a greatly decreased risk of the now infamous Whoop dreads! If you're into Tiny Whoop facepunching but don't trust your aim, this is the ticket.

Created in a laboratory specifically for human hair, this state-of-the-art piece of Tiny Whoop technology is black colored to match with any wardrobe. It is so stylish, you may wear it just for looks! Bearded? No Problemo! These things work on any human or animal hair.  

JUST KIDDING. This is the cheapest hairnet I could find online. You can get them a heck of a lot cheaper on amazon. Don't put one of these on an animal. This is a gag product, don't actually buy it! It's a rip off!

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