Tiny Whoop Headlight Beam Narrower

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I really don't know what to call this thing, so I went with Tiny Whoop Headlight Beam Narrower. ...Thoughts?

This small reflector focusses the very wide beam of a Tiny Whoop Headlight into a much narrower beam, allowing you to see considerably farther into the darkness, with less periphery light. It's excellent for pitch-black tree-weaving in a deciduous tree with a big empty center. The problem is each reflector weighs 1.98g. If you're into late night headlight Tiny Whooping I personally recomment two headlights and one of them mounted in a beam narrower. 

I found this reflector after days of searching aliexpress and testing a few dozen small flashlight reflectors. This particular reflector is one of the only with a low enough weight to even consider. I won't be offended at all if you want to peruse the chinese websites and experiment with other reflectors! Let me know if you find anything you like!