Tiny Whoop HV 450mah 1S Battery - BT2.0 Connector - V2.0

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 These are the top-of-the-line 450mah HV 1S batteries for Tiny Whoop aircraft. They're the newest generation of folded-cell packs, delivering a higher discharge rate compared to previous Tiny Whoop packs, and they feature a BT2.0 connector. 

This version of the battery features an ultralight BT2.0 pigtail rather than a cap, saving some weight from both the battery and the pigtail needed on the aircraft. 

As for the pigtail, I fought very, very hard to get the absolute shortest pigtail possible. I think everyone at the company knows me for this now, I just really, really, really wanted a shorter pigtail! The result is this, the shortest pigtail this manufacturer will ever allow. To compliment this weight savings, I also requested the smallest, lightest branding/sticker to date. 

The result is the Tiny Whoop 450mah 1s HV Pack! I weighed a random sample of 15 batteries and found the average weight to be 11.60188g!!!!! I could not be more proud of this battery.

 Thanks for reading thru this page! You're gonna love these packs! 



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