Tiny Whoop Jesse Perkins Signature Pro Gate NOOBIES SRSLY DON'T EVEN CLICK

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Since the beginning people have been trying to backdoor-brag to me about their skills by requesting smaller gates for "pros." Here ya go, wise guys.

We have found the perfect gate for the true MWP (Master Whoop Pilot.) This gate is the smallest size that your 65mm frame can fit through. Please note that the sides of your aircraft will make contact with the gate itself as you pass thru. Yeah, it's that tight. If you are able to pull off a knife edge maneuver your whoop can actually barely fit without touching the edges of the gate, but it's never been done.

Additionally this is a hecka bright LED filament light bulb that will blind you as you approach. Just walk away noobies.

This TWJPSP Gate is a light bulb with a beautiful warm color. Power it by twisting it into any lamp or light fixture.


This Pro Gate can turn any small space into an epic racing environment! These gates have been extremely popular for people wanting to build Tiny Whoop courses inside:

  • Refrigerators
  • Japanese Capsule Hotel rooms
  • Smart Cars / Mini Coopers
  • Under Cribs/Beds
  • Kitchen Cupboards
  • Personal Submarines
  • High School Lockers
  • Porta-Pottis
  • Fish Tanks
  • Gaming PC Towers
  • Horse-drawn Carriages 
  • Doll Houses
  • This list is a joke.
  • But one day
  • mark my words
  • teensy weensy whoop racing
  • on this scale will be real!

If you wait to buy this later we will have a "Pro Pilot" sticker included!

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