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**NOTE: This FC does not come with a receiver, though there are two versions of this FC available here - be sure you get the one compatible with the receiver you're chosing - either the FrSky-compatible RX or the Spektrum-compatible RX**

Get ready for a new level of control.

When I was first sent this board my love of Tiny Whoop freestyle flight was reborn in a huge way. Why? Because I have more control over the aircraft. More of the freestyle moves I perform on a 5-inch feel intuitive on the ZER0, and I found myself branching out quickly into more difficult maneuvers. Acro flight will always take lots of training and attention, but this flight controller makes things a little easier. 

This flight controller does NOT use betaflight. Uniquely, this flight controller uses software written specifically for Tiny Whoop style acro and angle flight, rather than software written for 5 inch quads and modified for Whoops. Strangely, it uses an F0 processor, but still out-performs all betaflight flight controllers. I chalk the incredible performance up to the genius of Alien Whoop creator Charlie Stevenson and the hard work of his team, including NotFastEnuf himself, MontiFPV and team pilot VelcroFPV. 

If you're an angle-mode racing or exploring pilot, you'll love the angle mode on this FC. It's fast, snappy and very accurate. Best in class flight controller running NotFastEnuf Silverware firmware. 

This flight controller does NOT include a receiver, unlike most Tiny WHoop flight controllers. Need a receiver? Check out the FrSky Ultralight XM Receiver!

Technical Specifications

  • Fully tuned out of the box for 6mm and 7mm rippage
  • Slim and sleek design for maximum weight savings, power, and responsiveness
  • Designed by 2 of the top 16 fastest pilots at the 2018 Tiny Whoop Invitational championship teamed up with NotFastEnuf
  • STM32F030F4P ARM® 32-bit Cortex®-M0 CPU, frequency up to 48 MHz (can be overclocked to 64MHz)
  • Invensense MPU-6881 Six-Axis (Gyro + Accelerometer) precision temperature compensating MotionTracking™ Device
  • Powerful MOSFETs
  • 2oz copper with ENIG plated pads for best power
  • Factory loaded with NotFastEnuf Silverware for maximum brushed motor performance
  • 5V 2A BEC with 3.3V regulator
  • Supports 1S or 2S LIPO (JST 2.0 PH aka PowerWhoop connector factory installed)
  • Conveniently located motor plugs (direct solder optional pads on top)
  • Pads adjacent LIPO pigtail for maximum VTX/camera current and clarity
  • Voltage sense for advanced flight compensation (and telemetry on supported receivers)
  • Built-in inverter supports SBUS receivers (Futaba,FrSky,TBS Crossfire)
  • Extra pads for LED strip, beeper, etc. (requires firmware customization)
  • Easy updating without disassembly using standard programming header
  • Weight: 2.66 grams


  • Pilots must supply their own external SBUS receiver. If you're using FrSky, check out the Ultralight XM Receiver. If you need a Spektrum-compatible receiver, check out the Full Speed Ultralight DSM2 Rx. Currently supporting FrSky SBUS, TBS Crossfire (using SBUS), and Bayang receivers made from Eachine/BWhoop toy transmitter modules
  • DSM2/DSMX code currently undergoing final testing. 
  • 2S power requires customized firmware with compatible PIDs and settings
  • Attempting to flash while receiver and transmitter powered can brick your fc
    • Recovery via DFU pads possible but not guaranteed

Currently Unsupported

Silverware was originally designed to support toy transmitters running the Bayang RC protocol. Support for professional RC protocols is being added over time. The AlienWhoop ZER0 will support these once the code is ready :

  • CRSF (TBS Crossfire can use SBUS instead for now)
  • iBUS (FlySky)
  • F.PORT (FrSky one wire protocol)

Recommended ZER0 Build:

Best Receiver: FrSky Ultra Light XM Receiver or the Full Speed DSM2 Rx for Spektrum-compatibility.

Best Motors: Awesome Sauce

Best Frame: Cockroach

Best Camera: FXT 900 Camera


Check out the build video! 




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