FREE Motor plugs and wires for NBD boards

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**FREE WITH ANY OTHER PURCHASE ON THIS WEBSITE! I'll have to cancel orders that contain only this product. ONE SET OF WIRES PER ORDER PER CUSTOMER!

Are you one of the thousands that somehow bought a Newbeedrone aircraft or flight controller, only to find out that they are, like, the ONLY company on the PLANET that chose different motor plugs, so they can keep you using only NBD motors?


Sure, it's a tight solder job but you can now solder these FREE wires onto any of the motors I sell on this website and they'll fit into your NBD flight controllers! I know it looks difficult but I bet you can do it with a little patience and a steady hand. 

TO BE CLEAR - these plugs will ONLY fit into newbeedrone flight controllers, and NOTHING ELSE (#eyeroll). All motors sold on this website will already fit every other kind of micro brushless motor plug out there, including all brushless flight controllers sold on this website.

If you're using these wires on motors that you bought elsewhere (not on this website) just make sure you have PCB solder points on your motors, as all of the motors around here do. Some primative motors still have no PCB component to allow for easy motor repair and wire replacement.