Jiffy Juice 603 19,000kv Brushless Motors

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Tiny Whoop Brushless motors have arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 603 19000kv motors are a staple 603 motor for 1 cell brushless. Before the popularization of 802 size motors, this was the standard among custom builds. If you compare the weight of 4 603 motors to 4 802 motors, the 603's weighs about a gram less, making this a lighter brushless build with slightly less prop authority than 802 builds, but lots more power and yaw control than traditional brushed builds.

These motors have a 1mm shaft size.

Also check out our line of 802 motors - 17,500kv Moose Juice, 19,000kv Boost Juice, and 22,000kv Double Deuce Juice. 

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