Jiffy Juice 603 19,000kv Brushless Motors

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Tiny Whoop Brushless motors have arrived! And now Jiffy Juice motors are white, like other 603 and 802 motors :)

 603 19000kv motors are a staple 603 motor for 1 cell brushless. Before the popularization of 802 size motors, this was the standard among custom builds. If you compare the weight of 4 603 motors to 4 802 motors, the 603's weighs about a gram less, making this a lighter brushless build with slightly less prop authority than 802 builds, but lots more power and yaw control than traditional brushed builds.

These motors have a 1mm shaft size.

Please chose either With PCB or Without PCB when adding to your cart. I recomment With PCB for easy repairs, but i still have some left without that I'm selling a little cheaper :)

Like many of our motors, these babies now feature the PCB Solder pad optional upgrade, which allows for custom wiring and easy repairs. To access the PCB pads (where the wires connect to the motor) just peel back the black silicone. 


Also check out our line of 802 motors - 17,500kv Moose Juice, 19,000kv Boost Juice, and 22,000kv Double Deuce Juice. 

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