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It's a common trend to watch the weight of Tiny Whoop components decrease as new ideas, innovations, or technology is achieved. This is BetaFPV's latest answer to demands for a light airframe for pilots who are pinching milligrams on their ultralightweight builds. 

It goes great with this ultralight canopy: The Meteor Air Canopy

As more people have flown this frame we have found out that it is a lot more durable than we first thought. Jesse P originally thought this frame would be for the "weight weenies" but it turns out that this frame can take a beating. May not be suited for the hard core basher but is a great new frame for casual pilots or people looking to save some weight.

The Meteor65 AIR frame fits the usual 31mm diameter props and has motor mounts with the standard 3 holes, and fit any of our brushless motors - 603, 802 or 803. 

Here's what BETAFPV has to say about it!



To enhance the flying experience, DIY enthusiasts have diligently worked on reducing the weight of the 1S whoop drones for an ultra-light structure. We upgraded the Meteor65 frame to the Meteor65 Air Brushless Whoop Frame, which achieves a remarkable minimum weight of just 2.67 grams. It maintains exceptional strength and durability while introducing a new motor fixed slot, and optimizing a low profile design. It indisputably emerges as the topgallant choice for pilots seeking an unparalleled ultra-light Sub18g 65mm 1S Whoop drone. 

Meteor65 Air Brushless Whoop Frame

Bullet Point

  • Weighing a mere 2.67g, this Meteor65 Air Brushless Whoop Frame exemplifies exceptional ultra-light structure while maintaining remarkable durability and crash resistance.
  • A groundbreaking addition to the 65mm frame, the inclusion of motor fixed slots enhances the convenience and stability of the motor installation.
  • The low profile design effectively concentrates the whoop drone's gravity, optimizing its flight performance.
  • The deliberate increase in whoop duct diameter effectively mitigates the risk of propeller strikes, ensuring seamless compatibility with 0702 motors and 0802 motors, and 31mm propellers.


  • Item: Meteor65 Air Brushless Whoop Frame
  • Material: PP
  • Weight: 2.67g
  • Wheelbase: 65mm
  • Motor Mounting: 3-M1.4-6.6mm
  • Flight Control Installation Hole: 26×26mm
  • Battery Slot Size: 11.6×6.0mm
  • Color: Black, White, Transparent White, Transparent Blue, Transparent Purple, Transparent Green


    Based on the Meteor65 frame, we have optimized and upgraded in many aspects, the details are as follows.

    Meteor65 Air Brushless Whoop Frame Meteor65 Micro Brushless Whoop Frame
    Weight 2.67g 3.14g
    Duct Diameter 34.9mm 34mm
    Duct Height 14.5mm 16mm
    Motor Fixed Slot Supported Does Not Supported
    Propellers 31mm propellers 31mm propellers
    • The duct diameter is enlarged from 32mm to 34.9mm, which improves compatibility and avoids propeller strikes.
      Meteor65 Air Brushless Whoop Frame
      • The weight is reduced from 3.14g to 2.67g, making the flight more flexible, exemplifying the exceptional ultra-light structure of the 1S whoop drone. Both frames feature the same materials and durability.
      Meteor65 Air Brushless Whoop Frame
      • With the low profile of frame, the drone's gravity center is more concentrated and improved the sense of compactness.
        Meteor65 Air Brushless Whoop Frame

        Motor Fixed Slot

        In a groundbreaking development, the Meteor65 Air Brushless Whoop Frame has been added firstly with motor fixed slots, facilitating a more expedient and steadfast motor installation process. While misalignment has no measurable effect on motor efficiency, correct shaft alignment ensures the smooth, efficient transmission of power from the motor to the flight controller, reduces mechanical stress, and minimizes power wastage. For advanced pilots who have strict requirements for assembling the ultra-light 1S whoop drone, this new design undoubtedly adds the finishing touch.

        Endless Personalization

        We enhance frame structure design and also provide diverse color options for drone frames, enabling greater freedom for choice. This allows for aligning or color clashing the frame color with your drone's theme. And equipped with our various colors of ultra-light Micro Air Canopy adds more possibility of capturing the optimal image. Your drone will capture people's attention and showcase your unique personality and creativity. 
        Meteor65 Air Brushless Whoop Frame

        Micro Air Canopy

        We also have devised an exceedingly light Micro Air Canopy, weighing a mere 0.74g, that not only facilitates camera angle adjustment from 25° to 50° but also has antenna mounts, incorporated at the tail. If your goal is to optimize canopy functionality while minimizing weight to obtain a Sub18g 65mm Whoop, this option stands as the definitive choice.


            • Item: Meteor65 Air Brushless Whoop Frame
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