Meteor Air Canopy

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This is the canopy meant for the Meteor Air Frame.

Here's BetsFPV's description of this canopy:

To elevate the flying experience, DIY enthusiasts have consistently prioritized the reduction of weight for the attainment of ultra-light structure for 1S whoop drones. Consequently, we have devised an exceedingly light Micro Air Canopy, weighing a mere 0.74g, that not only facilitates camera angle adjustment from 25° to 50° but also has antenna mounts, incorporated at the tail. If your goal is to optimize canopy functionality while minimizing weight to obtain a Sub18g 65mm Whoop, this option stands as the definitive choice.

Micro Air Canopy

Bullet Point

  • With a mere weight of 0.74g, the canopy boasts a simplistic yet durable structure, ensuring effortless installation. It stands as the premier pick for ultra-light small whoop drones.
  • This hollow-out design reshape the installation space and accommodates an assortment of Micro and Nano-sized Analog and HD Digital cameras that are widely sought after in the market.
  • Positioned at the canopy's tail, reserved 4 antenna mounts enable seamless adjustment of the camera angle, offering a versatile range spanning from 25° to 50°, capturing the optimal image.


    • Item: Micro Air Canopy
    • Material: PP
    • Tilt: 25°~5 (Adjustable)
    • Weight: 0.74g (Including one Camera Fixed Screw)
    • Color: Black, White, Transparent White, Transparent Blue, Transparent Purple, Transparent Green