NOS Sauce 7x16mm 18000KV Motors

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   For those that want a little more power and similar effeciency compared to the Boss Sauce 17500kv motors, check out the 18000kv NOS Sauce motors! These are the fastest 0716 motors available with a .8mm shaft for standard Tiny Whoop props. It doesn't get faster - if someone else is touting a faster motor, they're not telling the truth.
    This is a choice motor for acro freestyle pilots - offering tons of power and lots of low-end torque, which translates to more control over the aircraft in important snap recoveries of inputs. 
A 7mm build using a frame like this one gives you more thrust than faster 6mm motors and more torque on the low end and a little more flight time. The entire feel of the quad is pretty different - feeling a little heavier but also more powerful. 
    These motors are 7mm by 16mm with a .8mm shaft size, which is the Tiny Whoop standard and works with any of these props. They have shortened wires for easier wire management, with the same old micro-jst plug that's on almost all Tiny Whoop style flight controllers. 
     Within a few weeks I will have one more 0716 motor for sale, which will be just a bit faster but with a 1mm shaft. ***EDIT** Bald Eagle Sauce Motors have been released!!

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