Tiny Whoop Strobe LED - 3 Flash

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This LED flashes SUPER FREAKING BRIGHT in a strobe pattern - Three flashes, pause, 3 flashes, pause, etc. I have these installed on my builds that use the Awesome Sauce Motors to carry the extra weight of the small pcb that controlls the LED. Solder directly to the main battery power, and if you're going to stack the board on top of the vtx (I install mine lengthwise, as in the pic to the left) be sure to smear some Welder Glue or other insulating material between the boards to prevent any bridging. Even more so than a Headlight, a rear-facing strobe will blind racers on your six.

These are only available in the brightest color option - cool white. 

This video does NOT do the strobe justice - it's BLINDINGLY BRIGHT, but because it's flashing soooo fast the camera can't catch the flashes, only most of their reflections.